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About the Company

Rubikon Text was established in 1992 as a limited partnership and was turned into a limited liability company (Kft, Ltd.) in 1998. Headquarters and production facilities are in Sárospatak, Northeastern Hungary. In the first period of corporate history the main profile was the continuation of the internationally acclaimed "Csepel" brand of sewing and cutting machines, including production of spare parts. Later on the profile was expanded to include the production of tools, various devices and their parts, and in particular the parts of packing machines. We manufacture interchangeable parts of an excellent, steady quality, mainly for the textile and packing industry, next to tools and devices for the vehicle industry. We maintain a close working relationship with constructor and design firms in order to satisfy any individual and special needs. An essential part of our corporate philosophy is diversification.

Main machine tools and resources used in production:

  • 3x Heller BEA 07 CNC 4-axle horizontal machining centre
  • 2x Heckler & Koch BA 20-22 CNC drilling-milling machining centre
  • Okuma LB 10 CNC turning machining centre
  • Okuma LC 20 CNC turning machining centre
  • DOOSAN Lyx 220 CNC
  • Klopp FWS 15 CNC milling machine
  • Mikron FW  32CH CNC milling machine
  • Mikrom UM 710 CNC milling machine
  • Charmilles Robofil 600 CNC wire EDM
  • HAAS UMC 750SS 5-axle CNC machining centre
  • DMG MILLTAP 700 CNC machining centre
  • SAFAN 110 T bending machine
  • FASTI 3000/4 mm bending machine
  • HYMA 2000/4 mm plate sheers
  • 3x Hauser coordinate drills, 500x700 mm, 200x400 mm
  • 10x tool milling machines, 250-600 mm
  • 7x universal turning machines, swing diametre Ø 200-530 mm, centre-to-centre distance 750-1500 mm
  • 2x cylindrical grinders, swing diametre Ø 160-280 mm, centre-to-centre distance 350-630 mm
  • 3x borehole grinders, swing diametre Ø max. 350 mm,
  • 3x surface grinders, 200x400 mm 300x500mm 550x1250 mm
  • 2x centreless grinders, D=25 D=63
  • Klingelnberg cyclopalloid bevel gear machine, m=1.5
  • Slotting machine, D=400x 250 mm
  • Radial drill, R=750-1200 mm,
  • 20x table drill press, boring bit Ø 1-16 mm,
  • Kemppi inert gas welder
  • Powder coating appliance including baking oven
  • Hoffman twin chamber tempering furnace, max 1,150 C
  • SOLO nitridating oven, D max = 180 mm
  • Etalon Derby 3D gauge, table 500 x 600 mm
  • Honing Ø 4-42
  • Pro/ENGINEER CAD-CAM system
  • ESPRIT CAD_CAM system
  • 3D machining
  • Computer-based production management system
  • production halls with a 2000 sqm surfac


We are able to produce pre-assembled units and complete appliances as required. Surface treatment is equally part of our scope of activities.

Presently Rubikon Text Kft has an experienced and prolific staff of 38. Since 1996 we operate according to an ISO quality management system.

Our Company is engaged in vocational training, employing 4-8 apprentices each year.

József Kiss



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